You need to create a merged base first and then use diskpart.

Open cmd or powershell as administrator

select vdisk file=“<path to your visk>” (e.g. V:\store\my.vhd)
list vdisk (you should now see your vdisk and the path)
expand vdisk maximum=60000 (This is the size in megabytes of the size you want to extend, so 60000 is 60Gb)
attach vdisk
list disk
list volume (take note of the Volume number of the your vdisk, you should see the old size)
select volume 5 (or whatever volume number from list volume command)
list volume (you should now see the size you want for your disk. This should also be seen in the Citrix Provisioning console)
detach vdisk

source: https://www.carlstalhood.com/pvs-update-vdisk/#expandvdisk

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